Welcome to Billy Watson TV

An introduction to the site.

Hello folks and welcome to Billy Watson TV.

I had a wordpress site with over ten thousand videos on it but because I interview people who are more knowledgeable than the W.H.O would like them to be they managed to coerce Vimeo to remove all of my videos in a heartbeat.

Here is a song I changed the lyrics to so I could express my anger.

Having had that potential source of income removed I have set up this site.  If you enjoy the content please consider making a donation as I lost my job for fighting Convid bullshit and can't get another due to the insanity out there and to be honest I would rather serve humanity by using my own talents than become another corporate slave.  Please even donate enough for a coffee. All donations are appreciated.

Also, feel free to leave comments and share the videos on social media.  Help me get the word out as I try to organise the site properly as it is still in Beta mode and I have to upload all the videos I have made with people like Dr Andrew Kaufman and Conspiracy Music Guru to name but two.

Thanks for your support.



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